Hello, My name is Beatrice Butler and this is my story of how I developed my invention.
Beatrice Butler

On Aug. 10, 1990, an unknown man abducted Jennifer Schuett from her bedroom. Jennifer was strangled, her throat was slashed, and the 8-year-old was left for dead in a field in Dickinson, Texas. Unable to speak, Jennifer wrote a note telling the police, “I was asleep. A man opened the window and grabbed me.” Jennifer wasn’t a runaway. Jennifer was kidnapped from the comfort of her home while asleep. But what if there was a device that alerted her guardian to her departure?

Giggles Guardian (GG) is a tracking and locating device that Beatrice Butler invented. Ms.Butler embarked on this journey in 2014, creating a mobile device that has combatted safety measures nationwide for our loved ones. The Giggles Guardian mobile device has the purpose of empowering caregivers with a secure safety system to prohibit children, elders, and our pets from the potential danger of being out of place or strayed. The device is a two-part component worn on the wrist of both parties. The Giggles Guardian device sends alerts to the guardian with a specific location and proximity (ex., mile radius).

Ms. Butler made additional discoveries along the GG journey that benefits missing pets and special needs clients with disabilities. In some cases, due to wandering, Giggles Guardian provides a secure safety alternative if safety issues should arise. With much respect and admiration for our local authorities nationwide, Giggles Guardian is a preventative approach that saves lives.

In 2020, there were 365,348 reports of missing children in the United States. Researchers also identified over 1 billion disabled people missing in 2020, 20% living with extreme functional difficulties in their day-to-day lives. The Giggles Guardian device not only protects your loved ones by tracking them but also monitors and alerts you to unfamiliar routes and whereabouts.

Lastly, we all love our furry friends! We must protect and care for them in addition to our children and elders. Data show that dogs with microchips were returned to owners 52.2% of the time. Dogs without microchips are reunited with their family at a much lower rate, 21.9% of the time. Our pets are not only a part of our families but also an investment that must be cherished and protected. Giggles Guardian locator is another option to aid in locating your pets in the unfortunate event that they are ever lost or stolen.


In closing, bringing more awareness nationwide to this invention gives consumers more safety options. The long-term benefit would decrease the time in which children are missing nationwide. Help us end human trafficking cases, improve lost and found reports, and reunite disabled and elderly patients with their loved ones. Together we can save lives one device at a time.

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